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Aaron Mostow was born in Los Angeles, California in 1982 into a vibrant Filipino and Jewish household. He is a creative enthusiast, driven by a passion for storytelling. Artistry permeates his lineage and his thought-provoking communication style. With the ability to write and produce, Aaron is a creator and activator of imaginative ideas.


Aaron studied at the College of the Canyons in Santa Clarita, California in 2000 with a focus on creative writing, music technology, and music business. However, his college education was cut short in 2002, when Aaron was in a near fatal car accident that landed him in jail. While Aaron awaited the decision of his release, he prayed and promised to pursue his art if given the chance. A few weeks later, all charges were dropped and he was released with a newfound perspective. Aaron now dedicates his life to art and creativity.


In 2007, Aaron began his journey into the world of production through sound engineering. He collaborated with producers, performers, and others to achieve the desired sound for music recordings and films.  

In 2015, he launched his media and boutique agency, Catapult World to provide full-service consulting, creative direction, marketing, development, and production of high-quality original content.  Aaron is the Executive Producer of Steady Mobbin’, an original TV series he created, wrote, and produced for the Dance Network. He also directed Going Places, a documentary film about the evolution of electronic music, available on Amazon Prime. Over the years, Aaron has had the pleasure of working with companies such as Sony Pictures, Activision, Mountain Dew, MTV, BET, ESPN, E Entertainment, and many more.



Kevin Flores is a recording engineer, hip-hop producer, writer and father. He is the son of immigrant parents from Ecuador and was born in East Los Angeles, CA. His love and gift of music took him on a journey through the music industry where he worked with many artists. Kevin produces music under the moniker, Kev Da Khemist. He currently runs his own recording studio in Alhambra, CA.


In 2005 while attending Musicians Institute, an acquaintance introduced Kevin to fellow co-writer of “Love Hertz”, Aaron Mostow. They soon began working on music together and have been great friends ever since. Years later, Kevin met co-writer Rodolfo Tagle III through Aaron. 


Kevin’s love of writing goes back to childhood where he wrote scripts in class. “In the fifth grade I wrote a script about extraterrestrials and a group of kids who try to escape from being abducted. I casted classmates and even began making a list of all the equipment I would need. My teacher, Mr. Toth, saw what I was up to and brought an old Hollywood movie script to class so I could see what it looked like for inspiration. The project never came to fruition, but writing “Love Hertz” feels like I’m one step closer to fulfilling my childhood dream of making a movie.”

When Kevin isn’t busy making music or writing, he enjoys watching stand-up comedy from comedians that include Felipe Esparza, Dave Chapelle, Louis CK & Aziz Ansari.


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Rodolfo Tagle III was born in the Philippines in 1981 and raised in Santa Ana, California. A creative since adolescence, he was often drawing and telling imaginative stories. Raised alongside three sisters, Rodolfo was a rambunctious prankster who always made family and friends laugh.


Rodolfo is a natural born entertainer that loves performing. He began break dancing at the age of 18, entering competitions throughout the U.S. To this day, he still has a passion for dance. The dance floors of the electronic music scene is where Rodolfo expressed his creative energy. His friends gave him the name, “Sneak In Master,” forsneaking into hundreds of festivals and raves over a 10 year period.


In the early 2000’s, Rodolfo sharpened his writing skills by collaboratively developing ideas for TV and film.

As a husband and father of two sons, Rodolfo puts family first, while also making time for creative endeavors.

His love for family, music, dance, fashion, and motorsports continues to fuel his drive.

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