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Taj Das, a struggling DJ in his 20’s, searches for love, but it’s far beyond his reach. 

Taj lives in the shadow of his accomplished older brother and his friend, a popular local DJ. Taj’s father disapproves of his life choices and wants him to pursue a more practical career. Taj and his father butt heads about his future, and their relationship becomes more contentious as Taj faces an ultimatum without much time to prove his father wrong. 


After a terrible debut performance, Taj retreats home. That night, while working on a new beat, he falls asleep on his synthesizer keyboard and wakes to a strange sound emanating a mysterious frequency that would dramatically change Taj’s life. Following a series of unexpected sexually charged encounters, the frequency’s irresistible power to attract women cannot be denied. Taj layers this sound over his beats and his career takes off, seemingly overnight! 


At Taj’s first successful performance, he has a brief but mesmerizing encounter with a woman named Janet who leaves a lasting impression, and they keep in touch. With every triumphant show, Taj becomes more in demand. However, as his fame grows, so does the debauchery. Jealousy brews within Taj’s friend, Skyler D, the hot local DJ who is now eclipsed by the success of his once hapless friend. Taj’s ego spirals out of control and his musical discovery soon becomes his biggest obstacle. Taj’s meteoric rise and meaningless romantic encounters have left him feeling lonelier than ever. The only glimmer of light is his growing connection with Janet. 


Before Taj’s biggest show, a disastrous event drives him off course, and his journey leads him to a surprising realization. With this newfound success, will Taj ever find true and meaningful love? 


Taj reaches heights he could never have dreamed of, but even with great fame and power, Love Hertz.

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